Content Area Writing book chapters 2 & 5; Content Area Reading ch 5

To those of you who may be following this blog, here are the 2 chapters we’ve worked on so far from our second book – Content-Area Writing: Every Teachers’ Guide, by Harvey Daniels,. Steven Zemelman, and Nancy Steineke.

Content Area Writing ch 2

Content Area Writing ch 5

Also, here’s chapter 5 from Content Area Reading, our second complementary book.

Content Area Reading ch 5

Happy reading!

Chapter 4 of our main book and 2 very interesting videos you must watch!

Hi guys,

Here’s the ppt we used for our meeting yesterday, in which we discussed chapter 4 of our main book.

Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism ch 4

I’d also like to share two must-watch videos with you. This one covers Dr. Garcia advocating for translanguaging, which is directly related to our discussion yesterday.

And this one here shows Dr. Bialystok explaining how bilingualism helps the brain.


Powerpoint for Chapter 1 of our first book

Hi folks,

Our first meeting was great! Everybody is so eager to share and learn that we only got through introductions and a group discussion (first couple of slides). That’s right, we didn’t even start working on the book per se.

Anyway, here are the slides we’ll be using for our next meeting on chapter 1 of our first book (Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, by Colin Baker).

Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism CH1

For those who couldn’t make it last week, but intend to join us, we are meeting at Cafe Le Mundi, which is at 1181, Rua Sete de Abril, Alto de XV/Juveve. From 6:00 – 7:30 pm every Thursday.

See you then!

Updates and Contributions

Hi everyone,

As it is now finally August, our very first meeting is coming up (08/13), and I’m really excited!

Today’s post is directed to those of you who follow this blog, but are not part of our Facebook group. If you would like to join, it is called Bilingualism and Bilingual education (physical meetings in Curitiba (

Members of our group have been posting some very interesting things, which I’ll share with you now.

Francieli’s recent contributions to the group were this link to Cambridge Online Journal on Bilingualism, where some of the articles are available free of charge, and also a fragment (below) of an infographic on how the brain benefits from being bilingual (if you want to see it in full).

brain benefits

Pat Dai (Patrícia), also contributed by sharing the following with us:

– an article from Science Daily on how learning a new language is a brain workout for young and old;

– another article on the bilingual brain, this time from, arguing that  once considered a handicap,  what a bilingual brain can do is now compared to having super power;

– and another Science Daily one, showing the difference in grey matter in the monolingual and bilingual brains.

Last, but not at all least, Gisele wanted to share an interesting video with us on language learning and window of opportunity

Thank you, Francieli, pat and Gisele, for sharing this stuff with us!

You are ALL welcome to share materials with us.

Till next time!

Our first book and reading schedule

Hi folks,

Here’s the first book we’re reading this semestre. Just click on the blue “first book” or copy and paste the URL below.

Here’s another suggested reading, which would come in handy before we even get into Colin Baker’s Foundation of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, as it concerns Brazil as a multilingual nation, contrary to popular (mis)belief. The paper is in Portuguese.

I would also recommend watching this documentary if you can, it’s only five dollars to watch online, or you can try to find it at a local rental store (the few left).

The tentative schedule for the reading of the first book is as follows:

August, 13 – chapters 1 and 2

August, 20 – chapters 3 and 5

August, 27- chapters 6 and 7

September, 03 – chapters 8 and 9

September,10 – chapters 10 and 11

September,17 – chapters 12 (from p.257 – Key Factor in Bilingual Schooling – to p. 267) and chapter 13

September, 24 – chapters 15 and 16

October, 01 – chapters 17 and 18

October, 08 – chapters 19 and 20

Can’t wait to get started, and I hope you feel the same way!

P.S.: If there are any movies or movie bits you would recommend that are related to the topic of bilingualism and bilingual education, please do share it in the comments section. Thanks!